Austin, Texas: A Builder’s Paradise

In the early morning hours of Oct 20th my flight landed in Austin, TX which was the destination for this years 2011 Sunbelt Builders Show. This is considered the one-stop-shop for anyone in the building industry. To be honest, I really did not know what to expect. Upon walking into the complex, I was quick to know that the Sunbelt Builders Show was an event worth writing about.

While wandering through the show prior to my Presentation,l I took the opportunity to have a look at some of the promo items that many of the vendors were handing out. From Cowboy Hat Stress Balls to imprinted Boot Key Chain,  the giveaways were as grand as the State of Texas itself.

One of the most interesting items that I saw many people walking around with, were the logo’ed Hot Sauce bottles, fully equipped with a nice label and filled with fiery goodness. The beautiful part about hot sauce is that many people like it but many tend not to use it that much.  A typical hot sauce bottle will last a year or so in the family refrigerator. Having your promo item for for 12 months or more is a very cost effective advertising method.  Think about it.  One year of Advertising for about $2.  Not bad!

Throughout the entire Sunbelt Builders Show, the attendees were really having a good time collecting the wide variety of promo and swag that was being handed out by all of the vendors. This was definitely an educational and fun filled event. Texas is great. Long live the Sunbelt Builders Show.

Signing off from Texas,

-Steve the Blogger

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Branding Coffee

In Canada, there is a brand of coffee shop that has taken marketing well beyond the next level when it comes to promoting self image.     The famous Tim Horton’s coffee chain is a familiar site to the Canadian terrain as it is on practically on every major corner and in every retail shopping complex.

The one thing you will notice is that absolutely everything in a Tim Horton’s Coffee Shop is branded with their logo.  From the coffee pots, to the sugars packages, to the labels and garbage containers, they utilize promotional marketing material more so than any other chain establishment.   If you ever notice, their apparel style changes frequently and their gift cabinet always have fresh new imprinted items for sale.Outside of being a great beverage, the uniformity of their marketing campaign is second to none.

The next time you are in a Tim Horton’s and waiting for your double double, glance around and take note of how many times you see the logo.  You will instantly see at least 25 logos staring at you from all directions.  Good job guys!

– Steve the Blogger

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The Simple Pen

The first promotional advertising item that I recall ever seeing was a simple plastic pen with a Sears logo imprinted on the barrel.   The pen was in my possession for many years and it’s advertising benefit was had paid for itself many times over.  The cost of such a pen was probably just a few cents however the constant viewing of the imprinted logo had subconsciously branded that image into my mind permanently.

Generally, most organizations who choose to promote themselves, have always added a pen to their marketing material.  A pen will find its way into every household, vehicle and business desk.    Remaining silent and always ready for work, the logo’ed pen is a weapon of choice for all marketing departments.   It’s cost compared to its advertising ability makes it one of the most popular promotional items in today’s market.

I’ve seen pens ranging from $0.10 to $100; some with flashlights, others with calendars, however they all share something in common.  A visible logo and branding information turns a simple everyday object into a portable billboard for advertising.

When clients ask me what type of promo they should be using, I will always suggest a pen of some form or fashion.  It is a marketing tool that will never go out of style and will continue working for you many months after you hand them out.

Enjoy the value of our everyday pen.   It will be here for many years to come and will always be on guard working well within your client’s office space.

– Steve the Blogger

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Logo’ed Merchandise Always In Style

As a frequent flyer, I visit most Airports throughout the country.   While navigating between the exit ramp and the baggage section, I always notice branded shirts or jackets shining their corporate profile in the most unlikely of places.   The group of laughing salesmen dawn a corporate image when all of them are wearing the same golf shirt “uniform”.

Being in the promotional industry for 15 years, I tend to notice these item more than the typical person however if I see them, so do many others.  The advertising effect of a simple logo’ed jacket or an embroidered golf shirt, goes a very long way.    Now organizatiosn can brand their identity at both their children’s playground and at the Hub in Atlanta.

Using a cool slogan and a company logo, your typical Golf Shirt is now your walking billboard of advertising.  You will be suprised how many people will comment at the logo during the life of that particular piece of apparel.

The next time you brand your favorite company hat or logo’ed hoodie, just think of the work this nice piece of apparel is doing.

Until Next time! Blogging live from Hartsfield-Jackson Aiport in Atlanta while proudly wearing my Second-Skin Maxx Global Jacket!

-Steve the Blogger


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Promo Items vs Elections

While we watch the Conservative Party in Canada win a Majority government, one has to think of the amount of work that went on behind the scenes.   Working in the Promo Industry, we get the liberty to see the various items that are used as self promotion during a hard fought electoral campaign.

From Imprinted Bottled Water to the White/Red Ribbon hats, every object used during a political gathering is fully logo’ed with the Party’s associated color.  The overall feeling of having literally everything with the same logo is a very strong feeling towards unity.

The same ideas can be used with any corporate structure.  The more Promo that is used, the larger the Brand will become.  From Client gifts to Employee giveaways…it all works!  The image created will be as large as the project itself.    Even having something to take home at the end of a meeting or campaign pep rallly provides more mileage than a simple sign or newspaper ad.

Promo items are great tools to get a very large job done!  Enjoy them!  Use them and always make sure you keep one for yourself!

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