Logo’ed Merchandise Always In Style

As a frequent flyer, I visit most Airports throughout the country.   While navigating between the exit ramp and the baggage section, I always notice branded shirts or jackets shining their corporate profile in the most unlikely of places.   The group of laughing salesmen dawn a corporate image when all of them are wearing the same golf shirt “uniform”.

Being in the promotional industry for 15 years, I tend to notice these item more than the typical person however if I see them, so do many others.  The advertising effect of a simple logo’ed jacket or an embroidered golf shirt, goes a very long way.    Now organizatiosn can brand their identity at both their children’s playground and at the Hub in Atlanta.

Using a cool slogan and a company logo, your typical Golf Shirt is now your walking billboard of advertising.  You will be suprised how many people will comment at the logo during the life of that particular piece of apparel.

The next time you brand your favorite company hat or logo’ed hoodie, just think of the work this nice piece of apparel is doing.

Until Next time! Blogging live from Hartsfield-Jackson Aiport in Atlanta while proudly wearing my Second-Skin Maxx Global Jacket!

-Steve the Blogger


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