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In Canada, there is a brand of coffee shop that has taken marketing well beyond the next level when it comes to promoting self image.     The famous Tim Horton’s coffee chain is a familiar site to the Canadian terrain as it is on practically on every major corner and in every retail shopping complex.

The one thing you will notice is that absolutely everything in a Tim Horton’s Coffee Shop is branded with their logo.  From the coffee pots, to the sugars packages, to the labels and garbage containers, they utilize promotional marketing material more so than any other chain establishment.   If you ever notice, their apparel style changes frequently and their gift cabinet always have fresh new imprinted items for sale.Outside of being a great beverage, the uniformity of their marketing campaign is second to none.

The next time you are in a Tim Horton’s and waiting for your double double, glance around and take note of how many times you see the logo.  You will instantly see at least 25 logos staring at you from all directions.  Good job guys!

– Steve the Blogger

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